Can I live in Spain without a job? (2024)

Can I live in Spain without a job?

The Spain Non-Lucrative Visa is intended for people who have sufficient financial means to support themselves without working in Spain and who want to retire or study in the country. The Spain Digital Nomad Visa, on the other hand, is a pilot program that allows digital nomads to live and work in Spain.

Can you live in Spain without a job?

Visa to reside in Spain without carrying out any gainful (work or professional) activity, provided that the applicant has sufficient and guaranteed means to live on. This visa does not constitute a work permit.

How can I immigrate to Spain without a job offer?

In Spain, the main visas that don't require you to have a job offer are:
  1. student visas,
  2. non-lucrative visas,
  3. golden visas,
  4. Or family reunification visas.
Sep 18, 2023

What are the new rules for residency in Spain 2023?

In calculating the proof of income for non-lucrative residency, you must have an annual income of 400% of IPREM in your bank account. The IPREM for 2023 is €600 per month. Therefore, as an individual, you will need to have €2,400 as a regular guaranteed monthly income or a yearly income of €28,800.

How hard is it for an American to move to Spain?

Unfortunately, as a non-EU citizen, you cannot just move to Spain and get a job there. You need to obtain a work visa if you want to move to Spain and participate in a paid activity.

Can I live in Spain as a US citizen?

You must obtain a Long-Stay Visa before arriving in Spain to apply for a residence permit after arrival. A Long-Stay Visa (D Visa) allows foreigners to stay in Spanish territory while securing a residence permit. The primary visa options that are available to US citizens moving to Spain include: Student Visa.

How can I legally move to Spain?

Legal requirements to live in Spain
  1. Obtain a residency permit.
  2. Rent a home.
  3. Register with Social Security.
  4. Get an NIE (Foreigner Identity Number).
  5. Get registered on the Electoral Roll.
  6. Get a TIE (Foreigner Identity Card).
  7. Register as self-employed if you're going to work as a freelancer.

What jobs can I get in Spain if I don't speak Spanish?

Best jobs for non-Spanish speakers in Spain
  • Language teacher. One of the most popular options if you don't speak Spanish is to work as a language teacher. ...
  • Freelancer. ...
  • Customer service. ...
  • Copywriter/Editor. ...
  • Tour guide. ...
  • Recruiter for international companies. ...
  • Remote work. ...
  • Au-pair.
Nov 13, 2020

Is it easy to get a job in Spain?

While it's recovering, the Spanish unemployment rate is still one of the highest in Europe at 12.5%. Youth unemployment is also relatively high at 26.9% (July 2022). Competition for jobs is fierce and the majority of international workers tend to gravitate towards bigger cities, where jobs are more readily available.

What jobs can Americans get in Spain?

Best Jobs in Spain for Americans
  • Jobs Teaching English in Spain. To benefit from your ability to speak English, teaching can be a natural career path to choose in Spain. ...
  • Hospitality Jobs. ...
  • Information Technology Jobs. ...
  • Sales Jobs. ...
  • Expat Jobs in Spain: Looking Ahead. ...
  • International Move to Spain.

Is Spain changing the 90 day rule?

The situation as it stands at the moment is that a non-EU Citizen may only spent 90 days in a 180 day period within the Schengen area, including Spain. For along time there was no discernable shift in this position.

What is a golden visa in Spain?

The Golden Visa, also known as the investor visa Spain, is an authorisation granted by the Spanish government to non-EU citizens who wish to stay in Spain for an extended period. This type of visa allows applicants to live, work and study in Spain, and it offers a pathway to citizenship.

How long can you live in Spain without becoming a resident?

How long can you stay in Spain without becoming a resident? The short-stay visa only allows you to reside in Spain for up to 90 days at a time out of every 180 days, or a maximum of around 180 days a year. This is fine if your trips will be no longer than three months at a time, no more than twice a year.

Is it cheaper to live in Spain or USA?

Living expenses are much cheaper in Spain than in the US.

Because average US salaries can be twice the amount of salaries in Spain, US citizens find it really cheap to live in the Spanish territory.

How much is rent in Spain?

If you'd prefer a smaller city in the south of Spain, such as Cordoba, Granada, and Sevilla, in the Andalusia region, the rents can start from as low as $450 for a one-bedroom flat. In the northwest region of Bilbao, Santander, and San Sebastian, the rental average for a two-bedroom starts at $800 and up.

Does Spain have free healthcare?

The Spanish National Healthcare System ("Instituto Nacional de la Salud"), founded on Spain's General Healthcare Act of 1986, guarantees universal coverage and free healthcare access to all Spanish nationals, regardless of economic situation or participation in the social security network.

Where do most Americans live in Spain?

Madrid and Barcelona are the cities most loved by expats in Spain. Thousands of expats and digital nomads find their home here every year. There are plenty of work opportunities in Madrid and Barcelona for those looking to relocate to Spain.

Do I have to pay US taxes if I live in Spain?

US Expatriate Taxes

If you're an American permanent resident or a citizen living in Spain, you must file expatriate tax returns with the US federal government every year. Even if you do not owe any US taxes, you are still be required to file the US tax return.

How much is a house in Spain?

Average house price in Spain in 2nd quarter 2023, by region (in euros per square meter)
CharacteristicPrice in euros per square meter built
Community of Madrid4,269
Basque Country3,112
9 more rows
Nov 20, 2023

Can you go and live in Spain permanently?

When Can I Apply for Permanent Residency in Spain? Once you have lived in Spain for five years, you can apply for permiso de residencia a larga duracion (permission to reside in the country). This means that you will be able to live in Spain indefinitely without any immigration conditions.

Can I just move to Spain from the US?

If you are an American moving to Spain, there are several kinds of visas to choose from: the work visa, the self-employment visa, the tourist visa, the retirement visa, and the investor visa. Americans retiring in Spain can either apply for a retirement visa or an investor visa.

How long can you stay in Spain without working?

How long can you stay in Spain without becoming a resident? The short-stay visa only allows you to reside in Spain for up to 90 days at a time out of every 180 days, or a maximum of around 180 days a year. This is fine if your trips will be no longer than three months at a time, no more than twice a year.

Is it hard to get a job in Spain as a foreigner?

Are You Eligible to Work in Spain? Job opportunities in Spain for foreigners are hard to come by. A foreigner is only hired in Spain if the occupation is listed on the shortage occupation list. This is published quarterly by the Public Employment Service (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal).

How long can a US citizen stay in Spain?

Spain is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter Spain for up to 90 days for tourism or business without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. You must have sufficient funds and a return airline ticket.

Why are expats leaving Spain?

Mr Barnhardt also noted healthcare costs have impacted people's decision to leave Spain. He added: “A lot of elderly people are choosing to go. Sometimes because of healthcare, or their health coverage.” As of 2020, there were over 360,000 UK residents living in Spain.


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